Getting Started – NEXT: Part 1

ubi next

These dev logs are for myself to help keep me on track and accountable for my projects (sorry to anyone who actually reads this).

I decided to get back into level design a bit more and thought the Ubisoft Toronto’s Next program would be a good place to start. Even if I can’t submit my work they provide a great framework to work within and more importantly a goal to reach. After reading the documents I distilled it down to the following.

My Goal: Create the opportunity for players how to have a “moment.” 


  • Account for 3 main play styles (Aggressor, Passive, Sealth).
  • Account for reuse of space.
  • Set-Up (Location, Goals, Objectives) – [Where/ What makes it special? What is the goal? How do they achieve the goal? 3-5 beats].

So far I have picked a location; a Distribution Center similar to that of Amazon. It fits with the theme of a futuristic city where robotic systems act as security and are commonplace. I decided to almost make it a parody of Amazon since they’ve integrated robots into their Fulfillment Centers. It also serves as a reusable space where several different missions can take place. I am imagining this to be a game like Watchdogs.

Potential Missions:

  • Intercept a package (could be used to humiliate someone in power/ create a funny moment).
  • Steal information from the data center (shipping info, spending habits of individuals or everyone).
  • Swap packages.
  • It could also be a place where players could attain money (steal packages and sell).

After deciding, I went on google maps and watched what I could find to help show me what the inside of a Fulfillment Center looked like. Typically they are located where there is lots of space, almost like an industrial sector but they are also close to residential areas like there’s an invisible line that segments the two. Large parking lots are also located near distribution centers which provide a good get-away for the player to finish the mission.

Now I’m drawing out maps trying to figure out what the surroundings will be and what the internal layout would look like.

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