Another Day in Paradise – Script


The title “Another Day in Paradise” appears over an out of focus view of a suburban backyard.

JAK, a bright red cardinal sings as he flies by the title, as it fades out, towards the backyard where a clear yet dirty pool can be seen blow surrounded by a stone patio and well-kept shrubbery.


TRACY, a pool girl wearing a navy-blue t-shirt and khaki cargo shorts and is entering the backyard carrying vacuuming equipment.

Jak flies in behind Tracy, he hovers watching her curiously. Closer to Tracy we can see that she has glasses and short brown hair. She is struggling to carry a pole, vacuum hose, and leaf net that contains a brush and vacuum head.

The hose keeps unraveling and she must constantly watch her feat to keep herself from tripping. The hose trails behind her as she walks off screen to the poolside.

Jak hops alongside the hose as it moves across the screen before flying off screen towards the pool.

At the poolside Tracy drops her equipment dramatically and places her hands on her hips surveying the dirt at the bottom of the pool.

Tracy nods to herself and gets to work setting up her equipment.



  • Tracy attaches vacuum head to the pole
  • She places the vacuum in water with hose attached to the head
  • Tracy sticks hose into skimmer


Tracy is slowly vacuuming the pool, moving back and forth across the pool. In the background, Jak is digging into the small multitiered stone waterfall at the corner of the pool.

Tracy hums to herself as she continues to vacuum. Jak, still sitting on the waterfall, chirps. Tracy looks up and gives him a smile then goes back to work.

He chirps again. This time when Tracy looks up, she sees a clump of dirt in its mouth.

Tracy looks to the bird worried. She motions for the bird to keep away from the newly cleaned pool. It cocks its head from side to side, as if trying to understand, then chirps dropping the dirt.

Tracy watches, slack-jawed, as the dirt slowly sinks down to the bottom of the newly cleaned pool. She looks up in annoyance at Jak then moves to suck up the dirt.

After removing the dirt Tracy looks satisfied with herself and looks at the rest of the pool, which is sparkling clean now.

Jak chirps again dropping more dirt into the pool. Slowly Tracy turns to face Jak in annoyance. She huffs and vacuums the dirt again, this time much faster as he watches her.

Tracy watches as Jak chirps and drops dirt into the pool again. She instantly cleans the pool. Jak and Tracy continue going back and forth 2 more times, each time their actions speed up.

Jak drops dirt in the pool one final time and starts chirping happily (like laughter). Tracy throws down the vacuum pole, which slides down the side of the pool, and starts fuming; face red, fists clenched and shaking.

Tracy tries to shoo away Jak and he accidentally knocks more dirt into the pool when jumping up from the waterfall. Tracy then looks to the pool to see that it is dirty once again. She shoulders slump. She sighs in defeat sitting down on the patio.

Jak quirks his head looking at a sad Tracy and chirps to get her attention. After this does not work Jak hovers in front of her over the pool chirping to get her attention. Tracy only stares at the dirty pool.

Jak flies off screen and returns with dirt in his mouth which he drops in the pool and chirps. Jak looks around confused then flies over Tracy picking at her shirt to try and get her up. This gets her attention and she looks at Jak who lands on the patio next to the vacuum handle and chirps.

Tracy switches her gaze between Jak and the pool with distrust. Slowly she moves to grab the vacuum then looks to Jak, still on the deck, to see if he will do anything; which he does not.

Tracy starts to clean the pool. Jak flies up beside her and starts singing. Tracy smiles and joins in.

We zoom out on them getting an areal view of the backyard as they continue to clean the pool and whistle together.


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